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Tenth and Eleventh Doctor in their iconic costumes

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Priorities, Doctor

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"You can’t see me, can you? You look at me and you can’t see me. Do you have any idea what that’s like? I’m not on the phone. I’m right here. Standing in front of you. Please. Just… Just see me."

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Rurouni Kenshin Densetsu no Saigo Hen ENGLISH SUBS

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Ryoma pls

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CAN THIS MAN JUST GET MORE THEN ONE EPISODE ABOUT HIM!? He is so cool, especially how he seems to sympathies with Mai and Gridon (I forget his actual name). Please?

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I like angry Kouta henshins

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FREE Printable TARDIS!! via /r/doctorwho http://ift.tt/1xKBVLB


FREE Printable TARDIS!! via /r/doctorwho http://ift.tt/1xKBVLB

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It’s a very difficult break-up when an audience loses its ability to thrust its adulation upon their hero. CM Punk clearly established during his time as a Paul Heyman Guy that he was, as the billing suggested, The Best In The World.

So when he abruptly disappears and the audience doesn’t have the ability to say goodbye or shower him with their affection, then it causes a situation. It causes the audience to miss him even more vociferously, because they never had the closure of letting him know how much they appreciate his hard work.


Paul Heyman on wrestling fans having a hard time letting go of CM Punk [x] (via paulheymanvevo)

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Street views of Europe pt 1
Paris, Annecy, Lyon, Rome, Verona, Venice, Burano, Vienna, Budapest

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happy birthday mike ginn!!