20 12 / 2011

Hey there WWE Universe in the UK (and around the world).

Wanna troll John Cena on each WWE Live event? (They’ll be here on April 2012 for RAW & SmackDown at The O2 Arena, London.)
I know y’all haters want to -_-.
But hey, this project is not for haters only.
In fact, ALL of you Lil’ Jimmies are invited!

Inspired by that “We Hate Cena” guy,
the aim of this T-Shirt is to cover that negative energy into a somewhat visually-positive (depend how you see it, though :p).
So all of you WWE fans, make yourself caught on camera and let’s make this happen globally :D.



————————————— ————————————— ———————-

£20/each [UK Only - Incl. FREE Delivery + Design. Delivered within 1-4 days]
£26/each [Worldwide - Incl. Delivery + Design. Delivered within 5-14 days]

*Payment can be done by Account Transfers (UK Only) which I will message you the details of my account, and PayPal (UK & Worldwide) to “panjitunesuk@gmail.com”.
Once the payment’s received, I will order it ASAP and e-mail you the online receipt/confirmation e-mail if you need one.

Give me a message on my Facebook/Tumblr/PayPal’s E-Mail account to let me know :).
————————————— ————————————— ———————-

No hatred or disrespect to John Cena in this T-Shirt Project :P. Oh, this is NOT an official WWE Merchandise! It’s being made for having fun, and NOT for a big-scale business. So don’t sue me :p

16 9 / 2011

Oh……. SHIT!!!! 

from The Rock’s twitter

Oh……. SHIT!!!!

from The Rock’s twitter