08 7 / 2012

Beats By Dr. Dre cans are made for outdoor listening & portable audio players of today; hence why it looks really good.
They are marketed as fashion accessories to, hence why it’s expensive for the sound quality it offers (which you can find in £39 above cans, but fugly). Beats are awesome in its’ class for a fashion-stated headphones (compared to others similar, which are sucks btw).

So STOP comparing them with audiophile & studio monitoring cans like Sennheiser, Denon, Audio Technica, etc.. It’s obvious that the department is different, but you people are treating them like those are in the same classes.

I am by no means being bias nor get paid for this.

I’m using my £224 Beats Studio (Red) for travelling, and it’s worth it because I wanna look great outside while still listen to music with an exciting and pumping audio reproduction.
Imagine wearing a monitoring headphones outside. Just……no.

I’ve spent a £30 for a Sennheiser HD 202 mainly indoor for music making and studio monitoring. Most of the time, I used it for audio monitoring while shooting videos on my DSLR. Why? Because the audio frequency it produce is flat, and that what is needed for post-production in audio so you can edit it further with a base frequency.
Aaaaaand yes… the design is… meh. Not an outdoor material.

How’s that for equality?